Women’s Leadership Development Symposium

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2017 Be Bold for Change – ATHENA® Leadership Awards and Symposium

Location and Time:  Sheraton Cavalier, November 7th, 2017
Symposium (including luncheon) 9:00am to 5:00pm
ATHENA® Leadership Awards Luncheon 12:00pm to 2:00pm


The 2017 Be Bold for Change – ATHENA® Leadership Awards and Symposium is based on the ATHENA® Leadership Model.  This model identifies eight distinct attributes that are reflective of women’s contributions to leadership.  Our full day symposium consists of two workshops, a panel discussion showcasing business women and entrepreneurs from Saskatoon and our Leadership Luncheon where the ATHENA Leadership Awards will be presented featuring keynote speaker Andrea Conner, President of ATHENA® International.

Our workshops will be facilitated by Shelley Keyes from SK Transitions and Jami Young.

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We are currently looking to fill sponsorship opportunities:  With your sponsorship, you will be recognizing the importance of women leaders in our community as well as celebrating their accomplishments.  For more information about sponsorship opportunities:

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Speaker Information

Shelley Keyes, founder of SK. Transitions is a transition sherpa, providing graphic facilitation, coaching, and mapping services to those in transition to create meaning, fulfillment, and significance in their life and world.

Shelley believes what we need to achieve this lies within us, that when we free ourselves of limitations we believe, the possibilities are infinite.

The work she is here to do, is to guide people to that place, and encourage them as she has been encouraged, to share what they find there.     

Shelley and her fella Jeff, have been married for 37 years and enjoy their life, family and friends, and each other.

Creating your own personal Avatar with Shelley Keyes

When you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or have major life stuff to figure out who do you turn to?

Chances are you said a friend, or perhaps an expert.

It’s common to look outside for support and guidance before looking within.

But what if, you knew that the answers you were looking for were right within you, what would you do then?         

In this illuminating workshop, you’ll create your personal avatar, drawing on your own life experiences, strengths and skills, and hidden superpowers.

What you find within you will amaze you, and fill you with the confidence to take on any challenge.       

This workshop produces a tangible result, a visible reminder that the help and power we all need to face adversity, and claim our place in the sun, is within us.


Andrea Conner


ATHENA International

Andrea Conner is a change agent and strategic relationship builder. Through her success in global leadership roles spanning four countries, she promotes corporate social responsibility, leadership development, and gender equity.

 As President of ATHENA International, Andrea leads the organization in its mission to support, develop and honor women leaders. In doing so, she brings an international approach and global awareness of the challenges facing women’s educational and equal opportunity advancement.

A servant to the global community, Andrea serves on the Board of the Sias International University Foundation that supports a private post-secondary school in rural China, and is a Governing Body Board Member for the Raleigh Chapter of the US National Committee for UN Women. She is a consultant for the World Academy for the Future of Women and previously worked on assignment for United Nations Women-Beijing. 

Andrea holds a master’s degree in Global Leadership from Duquesne University and a bachelor’s degree in economics and business from Edinboro University.  Currently residing in North Carolina, Andrea advocates fiercely for issues important to the advancement of the world’s women and global citizenship.


Jami Young

Driven by the belief that all women have the capacity to create extraordinary lives, communities, businesses, and organizations, Jami Young is on a mission to make women’s leadership development and training more accessible across the globe.

In her work as a writer, speaker, coach and consultant, Jami guides entrepreneurs, executives, and change-makers to boldly step into their desires, embrace their authenticity, and fiercely redefine success on their own terms. Through her online platform and live events, Jami calls women to rise into greater leadership by claiming their personal power, activating their organic brilliance, and unleashing the wisdom of their voices.

Jami is the creator of Rise by Design, Free to Be Seen, Soul Stretch, and The Feminine LeaderShift – innovative and inspiring learning experiences for emerging and expanding women leaders. She is an award-winning community-builder and her work on leadership, business, and personal growth has been featured across a variety of media outlets.

Jami and her husband Troy currently live in Saskatoon with their two children, Ty and Jorja. They are a humble bunch and occasionally refer to themselves as Team Spectacular.


The Feminine LeaderShift: Essence. Expansion. Evolution.

For today’s enlightened, ambitious, and high-achieving women, success means so much more than breaking barriers, rising to the top, and reaching our highest professional aspirations. As we strive to realize our big goals and bold dreams, we’re also seeking freedom and personal fulfillment. And while we aim for greatness in our work and organizations, we’re also committed to making a difference in the lives of those we lead, love, and serve. In this energizing, inspiring, and interactive session, you will:   

• Learn the four essential questions that every woman should be able to answer with confidence and conviction   
• Explore the six fundamental shifts that embolden us to lead with joy, presence, and conscious consistency
• Examine the factors and forces that can keep us small, stuck, and unsatisfied in our lives, work, and relationships



Athena Award

Young Athena Award

Athena Organizational Award