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What is Young BPW?

Business and Professional Women of Saskatoon provides a culture where members are inspired to lead and grow through mentorship and professional development opportunities. Young BPW is a part of BPW Saskatoon and every young woman up to the age of 35 years is automatically a Young BPW when she joins BPW Saskatoon.

When you become a part of Young BPW, you will have unlimited access to like-minded career women and international networks. Young BPW members work together, both internationally and locally, towards common goals which include our three pillars; Leadership, Education, and Advocacy. The Committee develops activities of interest for young members and makes BPW, in general, meaningful so that they are engaged and become active, valuable members of BPW. We grow professionally and personally while connecting with thousands of friends from across the globe.

In 2014, Young BPW produced a video that explains what BPW is and what it stands for:


Who is the Young BPW Saskatoon Committee?

We are very proud of our Young BPW Committee here in Saskatoon. Not only are our members very engaged, but we are happy to report that the Vice President of Young BPW Canada and the Provincial Representative for Young BPW Canada are members of the Saskatoon Young BPW Committee!

Niki Smith – Young BPW Director
Alison Ellis
Cara Coté
Jennifer Shewchuk


Monthly Updates

  1. Young BPW Saskatoon November Update 26.11.15

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