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BPW Saskatoon provides a culture where members are inspired to lead and grow through mentorship and professional development opportunities. By joining BPW Saskatoon, you will connect with like-minded women in our community while expanding your knowledge of issues affecting women and participate in improving women’s status. Members become part of a larger organization as their local membership also includes membership with BPW Canada and BPW International.

The criteria for becoming a member of BPW Saskatoon are: women who are employed or in transition, retirees, young career women, and students who share common objectives for all working women. We are also very open to having men in our community join BPW Saskatoon, in support of women!

To become a member, or to renew your current membership, please use the registration form below and select “New Member” or “Renewal”. The fees for each are:

NEW MEMBERS: $175 for first year plus $3 processing fee.
RENEWALS: $150 per year plus $3 processing fee.

NOTE: Part of the fees are remitted to the provincial, national and international federations.