Member Spotlight: Jill Salamon

Jill Salamon joined Edwards School of Business in July 2005, when it was still the College of Commerce. She came from Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan Inc., to oversee the non-credit programming focused on business and leadership skills in the Executive Education unit (ExecEd). Since joining Edwards, Jill says she has been really fortunate to have […]

Creative Silent Auction Donation Ideas

Many of our BPW Saskatoon members are out in the city soliciting Saskatoon local businesses for silent auction donations for our Accessory to a Change event. Donating a silent auction item not only will assist in raising more dollars for the BPW Saskatoon bursaries, it also provides our guests a chance to network and sip […]

Bubbling with Confidence from Womentorship

If confidence could be bottled, it would bubble like champagne and its label would read “Womentorship.” I know this from watching women bubble with confidence after entering a mentorship relationship. Women who are part of the party have lots to celebrate and all are welcome to join in. They can be either a protégé or […]

How to Figure Out What You Really Want

It’s officially 2017. If you’re not raring to go, if you feel overwhelmed with everything you want to accomplish this year and aren’t sure where to start, if you know you want more for your life but don’t know how to proceed, then I have a solution for you: The Desire Map. The Desire Map is […]

President’s Message: Reflections and Projections

With the end of one year and the beginning of another it is a good time for us to reflect back on what BPW Saskatoon has seen and done in 2016 while looking towards our next steps in 2017. We saw the introduction of some new Board members who worked hard with Shelley Keyes (our […]

Athena Awards Photo Gallery – November 2016

November Member Spotlight: Lucienne Van Langen

Lucienne Van Langen is founder of Luminary Design, offering architectural scale commercial and residential interior design and project management services to businesses, individuals and contractors.  Lucienne grew up in the world of construction and demolition of retail, food service and office spaces.  She has passion for creating new things from old, collaborating with other artisan and […]

Empowering Women Leaders: Essential For Leadership Success

I have a deep commitment to support women leaders in shaping the future and to bringing fresh perspectives to women’s leadership development. My colleague, Lillas Hatala and I, at Women in Leadership for Life, have been drawing on decades of research and experience as leadership development consultants and coaches to create programs for Empowering Women […]

Salesman, saleswoman or salesperson?

A few weeks ago, I was searching for a photo to accompany an earlier blog post. It didn’t surprise me, but it was a little disheartening to find that images of female real estate agents were hard to come by. Representation Finding concrete statistics on how many women are involved in commercial real estate is […]

Do You Eat 9 – 10 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Every Day?

  Ever wondered how servings work? For the most part, a cup means a cup — just measure out a cup of grapes or a cup of chopped carrots, and ta-da, you have your measurement. There are a few exceptions, though:

Member Spotlight: Linda S. Moulin

Linda has been a health advocate and wellness coach for over 25 years. Linda’s experience as a Leader and Trainer for Weight Watchers set a solid foundation for her passion of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Linda has maintained her goal weight for more than 20 years by eating healthy foods, watching portion sizes, and […]

Member Spotlight: Alison Ellis

Alison moved to Saskatoon in 2004 to attend Saskatoon Business College following her high school graduation from the small town she was born and raised in. Not knowing exactly what she wanted to do with her life, she felt that a business administration certificate would be a great start for her organizing and assertive personality! […]

5 Tips for Mentorship and Leadership

By Robin Chapman, BPW Saskatoon Member   1) Be open to learning every day You can learn from others both directly and indirectly. Direct learning takes place when you ask people how they do something, listen to their answer, and try to imitate what they did. While Indirect learning is when you observe someone doing […]

Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century

By Monica Kreuger, BPW Member   I started Global Infobrokers January 1, 1990 – a time when there were no personal computers, floppy disks were actually floppy, there were no entrepreneurial support services or special funding, interest rates, unemployment and inflation were double digits, and mentoring was relatively unknown. So – what I have learned […]

Member Spotlight: Monica Kreuger, Global Infobrokers Inc.

Monica Kreuger is the founder, President and Chief Visionary Officer of Global Infobrokers Inc., a firm dedicated to education, entrepreneurship, the environment and global citizenry and all within a socially responsible framework. She and her husband/business partner Brent, along with a team of entrepreneurs, have assisted over 800 entrepreneurs launch their companies in Saskatchewan and […]

Tips for Middle Managers

By Gerlinde Sarkar, BPW Governance Chair Middle managers often feel squeezed between their boss and those that report to them and it is a constant juggling act. Rule number one re your boss “Never outshine your boss.”  Always make him/ her look good, even if s/he is a bad boss, don’t criticize him/her publicly.  Bosses […]

Member Spotlight: Gerlinde Sarkar

Gerlinde has been an active member of BPW – Saskatoon since 1986 and she has held various positions at the local, provincial and national BPW level. She was a BPW delegate in March, 2010 and again in 2013, at the United Nations in New York, where BPW has consultative status on women’s issues.

5 Easy (and Needed) Gifts for the Entrepreneur (or any Busy Professional) in Your Life

By Shenuka Wickramasinghe, BPW Programs Chair   1. Tile Tile connects to your most prized possessions by a key ring or sticker to help your keep track of them via Bluetooth on your phone or tablet. Tile keeps track of mutliple items and where they are on a map. If you lose something, the tile […]

Tips for Making the Most of Your Business Branding and Head Shot Photo Session

By Tamara Stewart, BPW Member 1. Find a photographer you feel comfortable with. Take the time to find the right fit. Ask others whose professional photos you like about their experience. Was the photographer easy to deal with? Did they make suggestions about how to get the best outcome? Were they responsive to the energy […]

Member Spotlight: Tamara Stewart

Tamara became involved with BPW Saskatoon in 2013, when she was given the welcomed opportunity in offering her photography skills for general meetings and special events. The camaraderie and networking, combined with the BPW’s dedication to empowering women within the community, and globally; drove her interest to becoming a member. Tamara is still to date […]