Meet Your 2017-2018 Board

To help get to know BPW Saskatoon’s 2017-2018 Board Members, we asked them each to share why they stepped up to take a leadership role in our organization.


Caval Olson-Lepage
President of BPW Saskatoon
BPW Canada National Chairperson – Committee to End Violence against Women
I joined the BPW Board because I have a strong passion for our Advocacy pillar I believe that while we have made definite strides as women in business, politics and home life, there is still work to be done. I hope to be a voice for women who are unable to speak for themselves. I hope to make this world better for our future generations of young women as previous women have done for me.
Look for more from Caval in her monthly President’s Messages, shared via BPW Saskatoon’s newsletter and this blog.



ATHENA® Sponsor Impact: TD Private Wealth

Recently, our ATHENA® committee sat down with Robin Chapman of TD Private Wealth to discuss why sponsoring events like the ATHENA® Leadership Awards and Symposium is so important to them. (more…)


Photos from the BPW Saskatoon AGM

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Photos courtesy of Tamara Dayle Photography


Take a Seat – Change the World

by Irene Seiferling, BPW Member

Always room for more women on boards of directors.

Hundreds of board meetings are under way – right at this minute. The directors at these board meetings are making decisions that affect all of us: you, your family, friends and colleagues.  They are decisions about business, health, education, investing, policing, as well as decisions about swim clubs, gym clubs and daycare. These are decisions that impact our economic, physical, social and emotional well-being. (more…)


President’s Message: Making a Difference

Caval Olsen-Lepage BPW Saskatoon President

Advocacy is one of BPW Saskatoon’s Pillars. Our advocacy work is carried out at all levels of the organization and focuses on equal opportunities for all women, opposing violence in any form against girls and women and we work to educate and empower women in Canada. Below are some of the ways BPW Saskatoon is making a difference in Saskatoon.



More than just networking…

Caval Olsen-Lepage BPW Saskatoon President

Once a year, at our AGM, we get together as members of Business and Professional Women of Saskatoon to reflect on the past year.  We get the opportunity to hear from the Board and all the BPW Committees as they provide a summary of their work during the year.  We also get to review and update our bylaws to make sure that they are current and relevant to the work we do.  Probably the most exciting part of this night is when we get to discuss and vote on BPW Canada’s National Resolution Package.



Accessory to a Change: Thank You!

  Accessory to a Change

On April 6, 2017, more than 200 hundred women came together in Saskatoon at the Sheraton Cavalier in order to raise critical funds for BPW’s bursary program. We are very pleased to announce that the second annual Accessory to a Change event generated more than $12,000 in support of mature and Aboriginal women in our community who wish to pursue post-secondary education opportunities. (more…)


Photos from WoMentorship Luncheon, Feb.2017

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Photos courtesy of Tamara Dayle Photography


Local Board Opportunity: United Way of Saskatoon & Area

United Way of Saskatoon and Area is looking for a few community-minded, optimistic, skilled, and forward thinking individuals to serve on its Board of Directors for a three-year term starting June 2017.

For more details about what it means to be a United Way board member and for application information, please visit their website:

Board of Directors Call for Nominations


BPW Women on Boards Initiative

From time to time BPW Saskatoon will post to this blog when outside organizations are searching for directors for their Boards. This is a part of our Women on Boards initiative.  BPW Saskatoon is committed to promoting gender equity for boards of directors and as such is happy to publicize these postings. If you have a board looking for members and would like BPW to promote the request to our Members please email us.

Hesitant to seek a directorship? Need a nudge? Read “Calling Talented Women to the Board Room” by Irene Seiferling. 





Accessory to a Change 2017 Photo Gallery



Want to see more events? Check out the archives!.
Photos courtesy of  Tamara Dayle Photo:


President’s Message: Update From the Board

Caval Olson-Lepage

In August, your board sat down for two intensive strategic planning sessions (facilitated by BPW member Shelley Keyes of SK Transitions), where we accomplished setting our goals for the 2016 – 2018 term. These goals are:

1. Raise the profile of BPW Saskatoon so we are recognized as the ‘go to organization’ for the voice of and resources for working women (more…)


Member Spotlight: Jill Salamon

Jill Salamon joined Edwards School of Business in July 2005, when it was still the College of Commerce. She came from Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan Inc., to oversee the non-credit programming focused on business and leadership skills in the Executive Education unit (ExecEd). Since joining Edwards, Jill says she has been really fortunate to have opportunities to grow and develop in her role,and is currently responsible for resources –people and financial –for the school, in addition to Edwards ExecEd non-credit programs.  (more…)


Increase Your Influence, Jan.2017 Photos




KIVA Update from Tanzania

KIVA – Loans that change lives


Greetings from Tanzania! Thank you for supporting Suzana, a very hard working food vendor and the “Km-Garden Tazara” group. With the loan received, she increased her food inventory as a Mama-Lishe and replenished her food stall with more sacks of rice, wheat flour, baking powder, and other ingredients for making spicy liquid rice and chapatti that are in high demand during Easter festivals.



Have You Ever Been Desperate?

When I was in my last year of post-secondary school, I was living a lie. On the surface, I was the picture of academic success, but in reality, I was a financial wreck. I had just one term to go but I was out of money. Worse, I had credit cards to pay, and no means to pay them. Each time a bill arrived in the mail, I felt sick. With no other means of support, I lasted those few remaining months by living on cash advances and paying one credit card with the other credit card. I was desperate to finish school, and my desperation had serious financial consequences: the debt I racked up in that last term took two hard years of scraping to pay off. Now, I have no doubt that my education has opened doors to success that were previously closed to me, but I also know how close I came to failure. (more…)


Member Appreciation Night at Red’s, Dec. 2016 Photos




More Photos from the Athena Awards, Nov.2016




President’s Message: Be Bold for Change

Newsletter Sponsor Spotlight:
Luminary Design

March 8, 2017, marks International Women’s Day and the theme for 2017 is “Be Bold for Change”. It is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for challenging many issues that women still face today despite the progress we have made. So how can we #BeBoldforChange (more…)


Accessory to a Change; An Invitation to Shine

Accessory to a ChangeSure, there were spectacular silent auction items, a sassy little photo booth, a bevy of delicious drinks, tantalizing food stations, a hilariously emceed fashion show and incredibly bejeweled women everywhere I looked at Accessory to a Change in its debut last year, however this sophisticated and classy event was so much more to me than a fantastic night out…



Creative Silent Auction Donation Ideas

Many of our BPW Saskatoon members are out in the city soliciting Saskatoon local businesses for silent auction donations for our Accessory to a Change event. Donating a silent auction item not only will assist in raising more dollars for the BPW Saskatoon bursaries, it also provides our guests a chance to network and sip cocktails while perusing the silent auction tables. But let’s face it, coming up with great silent auction ideas can be troublesome. You want provide quality items to make the most difference. (more…)

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