ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award

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The ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award actively supports and celebrates the ATHENA mission of supporting, developing and honoring women leaders, inspiring women to achieve their full potential-creating balance in leadership worldwide. The ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award honors emerging leaders who strive toward the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment, who excel in their chosen field, devote time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and serve as a role model for young women.

ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award recipients must be between the ages of 21 and 40 and meet each of the following:

  • The individual assists women in realizing their full leadership potential. This can be in the form of mentoring, providing employment or education opportunities, or any other demonstration of investment in the welfare, professional or otherwise, of women.
  • The individual demonstrates excellence, creativity and initiative in their business or profession.
  • The individual provides valuable service by contributing time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community.


2017 Young Athena Leadership Award Nomination Form

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Past Recipients

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2016: Uyen Huynh

2015: Jami Young

2014: Jodie Semkiw
ATHENA Leadership Model:
Relationship, Giving Back, Courage Acts, Learning, Celebration and Joy

2013: Kristin Siba
ATHENA Leadership Model:
Giving Back, Collaboration, Courageous Acts, Learning, Celebration and Joy

2012: Carrie Catherine
ATHENA Leadership Model:
Authentic Self, Courageous Acts, Giving Back, Learning, Celebration and Joy

2011: Ainsley Robertson
ATHENA Leadership Model:
Authentic Self, Relationships, Courageous Acts, Giving Back, Collaboration, Fierce Advocacy

2010: Sarah Gauthier
ATHENA Leadership Model:
Relationships, Courageous Acts, Collaboration

2009: Andrea Hansen
ATHENA Leadership Model:
Authentic Self, Relationships, Courageous Acts, Giving Back, Collaboration, Celebration and Joy

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Athena 2016 Young Professional Leadership Award: Uyen Huynh2016: Uyen Huynh

Uyen is a passionate, multiple award winning hairdresser, educator, and motivational speaker for hairdressers. Her mission is to be able to inspire and provide education/motivation to hairdressers and non-hairdressers all over the world.
Uyen gives everything she does her full energy, from working with clients in the salon, to making wigs for cancer patients, to creating award winning hair art, to sharing her enthusiasm and skills with others, and to giving back through community and volunteer work. She has received many local, provincial, and national awards for her work.

Uyen is a founder of the Angel Program in Saskatoon where nominated women meet with stylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, volunteers and a local photographer to participate in a free full day portrait session. The goal is to celebrate, lift up and show struggling women how beautiful and inspirational they are, and to share their stories in order to inspire and empower others. Uyen is also committed to raising up women in Vietnam. Since 2013, she has been traveling there to volunteer at shelters for victims of human trafficking and teaching women beauty trades. She truly believes that this can change and save lives. With trade skills, women can build confidence, earn money, and ultimately move towards a better life for themselves, their family and move out of the poverty cycle.


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2015: Jami Young

Consultant, Business + Change Design
Jami is a creative and compelling thought leader with a tendency to shine in any opportunity to help individuals and organizations unleash their greatest potential. As a career fundraiser, she has guided donors on their journeys to realize meaningful change and contribution. She is also driven to inspire entrepreneurs and business owners to be bolder, strategic, and more authentic in their mission and message. Jami has recently developed and delivered a leadership-training program specifically tailored for women, Rise by Design, which combines practical skill development and training with powerful inner work.

Jami is actively in the community volunteer¬ing her time to non-profit organizations such as Creative Kids Saskatoon. She also serves on the Board of Directors as Chair for the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-Op (CNYC). Jami has been a mentor in the Non-Profit Leadership and Governance Program in the Edwards School of Business. Jami’s commitment, drive and contributions are inspiring and encouraging women from all walks of life in a variety of ways.

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2014: Jodie Semkiw

Village Manager, Saskatoon Community Service Village

The ATHENA Leadership Model Attributes: Relationship, Giving Back, Courage Acts, Learning, Celebration and Joy

Jodie is currently the Manager of the Saskatoon Community Service Village. In this position she is responsible for the successful management and leadership of the agency as well as the general operation. She works closely with the Executive Directors of Catholic Family Services, Family Service Saskatoon, Crisis Intervention Service, Sexual Assault and Information Centre, The United Way of Saskatoon and Area, and YWCA.

Jodie earned Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Social Work degrees – the latter while also working full-time in a leadership role and raising three young children. She is also a certified instructor for the Roots of Empathy program and is in her second year of delivering the program on a volunteer basis to the grade 1 class at St. Michael Community School. Jodie also prepared, organized and led a weekly group for girls in grade 7/8 to discuss many various and relevant topics, becoming a mentor and role model for these girls.

Jodie was a volunteer on United Way’s Citizen Review Panel from 2006 to 2009. As part of the committee, she reviewed agency funding applications, assessed organizational performance and made recommendations to the Board. She is proud of the value that her business background can give in delivering service to the non-profit sector.

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2013: Kristin Siba

Vice Principal, Willowgrove School

The ATHENA Leadership Model Attributes: Giving Back, Collaboration, Courageous Acts, Learning, Celebration and Joy

Kristin is a Vice Principal at Willowgrove School. She has experienced great success in both her career and with the results her students have produced. Kristin has received strong recognition for her purposeful and effective programming techniques and creative approaches. In particular, she is known for creating extraordinary learning environments for children within her classroom. The atmosphere demonstrates thoughtful consideration of each children’s stage of development while providing freedom and choice with high expectations, responsibilities and accountability.

Kristin’s community and school involvement includes facilitating student leadership towards Character Education and FNIM Cultural Awareness, leading and coordinating special events and assemblies, and being a community/parent representative at her children’s school. Kristin is also an active member of the Fireside Signers and has been involved in the arts community and several music productions.

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CarrieCatherine2012: Carrie Catherine


The ATHENA Leadership Model Attributes: Authentic Self, Courageous Acts, Giving Back, Learning, Celebration and Joy

Carrie is an award-winning singer-songwriter and community-builder. She was featured as Ms. Chatelaine in the January 2012 issue and named Best Singer and Best Solo Artist in the 2011 Planet S Reader’s Choice Poll. As an Artist associate for World Vision, she uses her live performances to help children in need find sponsors. Carrie also inspires children closer to home and conducts songwriting workshops that empower kids to find their voices and think creatively. A strong proponent for the art and culture scene in Saskatoon, Carrie presents a vibrant house concert series in The Hyaloft, a renovated grocery store. She brings artistic communities by producing multi-disciplinary arts events, including the first annual LUGO at the Mendel Art Gallery.

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AinsleyRobertson2011: Ainsley Robertson

Co-founded, The Princess Shop and Community Manager, Chaordix

The ATHENA Leadership Model Attributes: Authentic Self, Relationships, Courageous Acts, Giving Back, Collaboration, Fierce Advocacy

Ainsley is a co-founder and current Executive Director of The Princess Shop, a non-profit organization that creates enhanced graduation experiences for female students in need. She currently works as a Community Manager for Chaordix, a Calgary-based tech start-up with a platform for crowdsourced brand and product innovation.

In 2009, Ainsley joined Junior Achievement of Saskatchewan (JA) as the Director of High School Programs for Northern Saskatchewan. She works closely with local high schools, youth, and members of the business community to provide local youth with access to JA programs. She is active on several boards and committees, and takes the opportunity to develop her leadership skills while sharing her knowledge, and networks with others. She has pursued a position on Saskatoon City Council, has been invited to speak at youth and professional forums, and has shown an endless passion for serving her community.

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SarahGauthier2010: Sarah Gauthier

Manager, Project Engineering, Delco Automation Inc. and Co-founder, Missinipi Water Solutions Inc.

The ATHENA Leadership Model Attributes: Relationships, Courageous Acts, Collaboration

Sarah is the Manager of Project Engineering at Delco Automation Inc. and co-founder of Missinipi Water Solutions Inc. Her team of engineers that designs water treatment systems focusing on technologies such as reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, membrane de-gasification, and media filtration. She has significant professional expertise and personal commitment to environmental stewardship, particularly in the area of water sustainability. Sarah was appointed to the FHQ Developments’ Board of Directors in September 2014. Additionally, she was a board member of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) and SaskPower.

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unnamed2009: Andrea Hansen

Business Advisor, Sutton Financial Group

The ATHENA Leadership Model Attributes: Authentic Self, Relationships, Courageous Acts, Giving Back, Collaboration, Celebration and Joy

Andrea is a Partner and Business Advisor at Sutton Financial Group, specializing in group benefits and building total rewards strategies. She is passionate about providing businesses with expert advice in group benefits, but her practice has expanded and now includes leadership development training and building employee engagement & retention strategies for business clients. Andrea values community involvement and inspiring others to reach their full potential. Her accomplishments have been recognized by various awards, including a nomination for the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards in 2005 and 2014, and the Saskatchewan Young Professional Award presented by SYPE in 2006. Andrea leads an “integrated life” with her family, children, business, and community involvement all blending together. Her personal mission is to Lead with Love. Inspire Greatness in Others.

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