Meet Your 2017-2018 Board

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To help get to know BPW Saskatoon’s 2017-2018 Board Members, we asked them each to share why they stepped up to take a leadership role in our organization.


Caval Olson-Lepage
President of BPW Saskatoon
BPW Canada National Chairperson – Committee to End Violence against Women
I joined the BPW Board because I have a strong passion for our Advocacy pillar I believe that while we have made definite strides as women in business, politics and home life, there is still work to be done. I hope to be a voice for women who are unable to speak for themselves. I hope to make this world better for our future generations of young women as previous women have done for me.
Look for more from Caval in her monthly President’s Messages, shared via BPW Saskatoon’s newsletter and this blog.


Krista Martens

Vice President
As your VP I will ensure BPW Saskatoon continues to be the safe haven for professional women to come together, to collaborate but to also know that it is always safe to admit when we are struggling in our businesses. Together we are stronger than we are alone and in the end…we are all looking for a place to shine.


Rachel Pichler
I joined the BPW Board as Treasurer to get to know other amazing women in the Saskatoon community. Little did I know that BPW has a worldwide presence and I am honoured to be a part of it!


Jackie Martin
I joined BPW Saskatoon to network with like minded women and get more involved in the community. I became the Secretary of BPW Saskatoon in June 2017.


Sarah Dick
Programs Director
I had joined BPW Saskatoon in early 2017 with the goals of networking, professional development, and meeting new people. Learning more about the group and about the goals of the organization really inspired me and I wanted to become more involved with BPW Saskatoon. I jumped at the opportunity to become Programs Director and look forward to collaboratively planning some great events for our members.


Kristine Flynn
Marketing Director
I joined the Board to have an impact on women’s issues I care about – like access to education. For me, the Bursary Awards event is always the most powerful event of our year. I joined the Marketing team to help increase our visibility in YXE and beyond.


Stacey Love
Fundraising Director
I agreed to co-chair the Silent Auction committee because it was an opportunity to leverage my project management expertise in a very different kind of project and an opportunity to create something amazing with Jami Young. After the first Accessory to a Change, I joined the board to facilitate better communications and improve the way the board operated overall through improved tools and processes.



Julie Valette
Membership Director
I am drawn to the opportunity to be on the board in order recruit likeminded women. The networking is invaluable, building friendships help forge the support we all need to be the best version of business, and as professional women.


Lisa Steinhilber
Advocacy Director
I wanted to learn more about the issues that continue to affect women today and wanted to be part of a team that will be actively seeking to correct these issues by removing barriers and increasing awareness of these issues. I want to be part of a team that promotes women in business. I want to be a part of an organization that will foster growth in women’s networking and help recognize the great things that women are doing in our community. And finally, I want to be part of a community that is looking to build one another up and help create a space for people looking for mentorship and guidance in the personal and professional aspects of their lives.
I’m excited that there is an advocacy aspect to the group in addition to the business development side, as I think you cannot succeed in one area without success in the other.


Chandel Thiemann

Student Intern
My name is Chandel, and I am the new BPW student board member. I decided to join BPW because I have a passion for encouraging women to strive for what they want in their professional life and I believe that in a world where women tend to be unkind to each other, we need to build one another up so we can all strive for greatness. I think BPW is a great place for women to work together so we all can lead.




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